Current works for chamber


1. Magic journey - D major (the inward journey)

2. Born in the sun - Allegretto (discovery, knowledge)

3. Light, space, time - E major (purification, infinite)

4. Magic garden of morrow - E minor (longing)

5. Fable of two - Allegro (one and multiplicity)

6. Dante - B minor (struggle and overcoming)

7. Music box - Dolce (unlocking the inner psyche)

8. The Arrival - Allegro (acceptance of change)

9. Rosie - E minor (escapism, choice, pleasure)

10. Love like no tomorrow - C major (unity, journey)

11. Love song - G major (grace, humility, hope)




I have listened to, and on one occasion performed Mark's music and it seems to me that he really has something new and original to bring to classical music, to a significant extent because of his contemporary background. I have been at two concerts of his music where mainly classical audiences have been enthralled by what they heard. His intent is always serious and his results are genuine. He thinks deeply about his music, is highly intelligent and has an engaging personality.

Michael Brimer Prof. Emeritus, University of Melbourne. (Formerly the Ormond Professor of Music).



Mark displays a very high level of inate musicality, as evidenced by his work so far. For example in his work Dante, he seems to be (inadvertently) channelling Bach, or even a bit of Philip Glass, and soon enough takes the music to quite a different emotional space and this is all achieved intuitively.

Professor Matthew Hindson AM - Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Head of School; Associate Dean.



The piano parts on Love Song and especially on Dante require comparable accuracy like playing a Mozart sonata. The beginning of Dante first reminds of the strictness of Bachs Preulude in C, but then slowly and almost imperceptibly evolves to a much more modern sound world, and when finally the other instruments join in I am reminded of the lightness of French impressionists. A very interesting musical journey!
Marcell Kelemen – Dynamedion, Mainz Deutschland.


Music Box - Sydney Con


Magic Journey - Sydney Con